Does anybody know a self hostable photo service comparable to Google Photos?

@jlelse Videos (mp4) and maybe raw/dng support would be also good, but yes, primarily photos.

@phlox sub, I tried to find one, but did not find really. Like I will not fire up a MySQL just for that (i have postgresql) and I don't want to store all the images on local filesystem but instead I want it to be an S3 (or equivalent) backend. And later on i checked all the possible solutions I found. I checked all of them:

And found none of them suitable for me :(

@phlox Lychee and OwnPhoto are both ended up on a "sounds not bad" but the first one did not work well with pgsql and the second one I was not able to tell if it can work with S3 or not and I got some strange errors I did not want to debug while tried to deploy it in a dev environment. So for now I just left it as it is and wait for a better alternative or build one... one day.

And no, I don't want to host a robust OwnCloud instance.

@phlox Lychee was the closest i found when I went looking months back

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